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The #1 Used Car Dealer in Tulsa | Over 80 5 Star Reviews

The #1 Used Car Dealer in Tulsa, Big Mike's Auto Sales has premier certified used cars for sale and has over 80 5-Star reviews locally. Visit us today!

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Find Great Used Cars for Sale in Tulsa

    Finding your dream car is now convenient as you can connect with us to discuss your requirements for the perfect car that will suit your lifestyle and needs. Whether you need a spacious family sedan that can take on anything or something more sporty with all-wheel drive, there’s no better place than here.

    At Big Mike’s Auto Sales, we have a wide variety of used cars in Tulsa that can suit your needs – from family sized minivans to fast paced luxury cars. We don’t stop at just great used car options – we also have auto financing to help you take leverage on a used car deal that would get you driving away from our dealership happy and satisfied!

    Not only do we offer competitive prices and friendly service but our team will give each of these vehicles an inspection so you’ll know it won’t break down as soon as you leave the lot.

    We want you to be happy with your next car purchase, so let’s find the perfect used car in Tulsa for you. Whether it’s a sedan or SUV that fits into your budget and lifestyle is up to what type of vehicle best suits you.

    Come visit Big Mike’s Auto Sales today to get a closer look at some of our vehicles or find out more about car financing options in Tulsa. No matter what your needs are, we have you covered!

    Call us today and find out why we are your #1 local used car dealer in Tulsa!


    Good Credit, Bad Credit, First Time Buyer? Our lenders work with all types of scores and situations.

    Best Local Used Car Dealership in Tulsa with 5-Star Reviews

    The #1 Used Car Dealer in Tulsa, Big Mike’s Auto Sales is a premier Certified Used Car Dealer and has 5-Star Reviews locally!

    We look for the best car deals in Tulsa that are a bang for your bucks and transactions that are smooth and easy. We guarantee both here at Big Mike’s Auto Sales!

    There are many reasons to buy a used car but for many, you can sum it up for 2 reasons: you’re not only saving money by purchasing a pre-owned vehicle but also the time it takes to find one and get approved for auto financing!

    We understand how tough it can be when looking for your next ride, so feel free to take advantage of our friendly staff who will help you find the perfect car. We’ll even work with you on getting car financing in Tulsa – we are one of the few used car dealers very dedicated to your overall satisfaction.

    Visit Big Mike’s Auto Sales today so we can tell you more about what makes buying used cars from us different from other used car dealers in Tulsa!

    Best Local Car Dealership in Tulsa You Can Trust

    At Big Mike’s Auto Sales, we have a team of qualified technicians to guide you with the best car that suits your budget and requirements. You can rely on us if you are looking for friendly and no-pressure used car dealers to help you decide.

    Our Tulsa used car dealership has been serving its customers for many years and trust us when buying pre-owned cars!

    With the best prices and service you can ask for, Big Mike’s Auto Sales is your one-stop shop for the best used cars for sale. We have a team of skilled and qualified staff at our Tulsa used car dealership to present the easy and convenient financing option to make a purchase.

    Big Mike’s Auto Sales is happy to serve you, that’s why we are the best and trusted used car dealer in Tulsa!

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